5 Best reporting & transaction management software for Business

Technology-based business assistants are gaining popularity for their security features, enhanced document management, and simplified transaction process, to name a few. Some of the most popular ways to conduct remote transactions and store documents are virtual data rooms. In this article, we will review the top five best VDR providers and talk about their main features.

Deals Data Room Review

iDeals is the largest provider of virtual data room services since 2008. The company provides its services to companies of all sizes and industries because it provides versatile and flexible tools. iDeals does great work with organizations such as litigation, bankruptcy, M&A, private equity, and more.

iDeals provides a set of tools for every stage of mergers and acquisitions and beyond that process can also be an assistant in real estate and medicine.

  • iDeals has the best security certifications and guarantees 99.95% of 100% uptime as well as provides state-of-the-art encryption methods
  • Users note the program’s user-friendly interface and the ability to access it from any OS and device
  • Customer support is available every day of the year at any time of the day or night, via email, phone, or online chat. The team will get in touch within 15 minutes and can assist in 12 languages

Firmex Data Room Overview

Firmex started back in 2006, and since then it has positioned itself as a simple, convenient, and reliable provider. It provides services to medium and small businesses, in almost all areas, but focuses most of its attention on the investment banking, biotechnology, and mining industries. Firmex also has the best security standard certifications, dual authentication features, and establishing approvals and expiration dates to documents.

The support team also provides ongoing help at all times and in multiple languages. The support staff also provides advice and training materials for using the program.

Another feature of Firmex is its simplicity while uploading and organizing documents and its high level of security with useful additional features.

Intralinks Data Room Overview

Intralinks started back in the ’90s and only recently began providing VDR services. The company now focuses on assisting with M&A transactions and is only suitable for large companies. The provider provides AI-based services and does everything to simplify and speed up the transaction process.

  • GDPR certification along with other security features like detailed user permissions
  • Great tech support that can reach you within 6 seconds and is available year-round at any time
  • Detailed reports on all user activity within GDPR

Merrill Datasite Data Room Overview

Another one of the top data room providers is Merrill Datasite. This company has been able to gain the trust of many executives of large businesses and financial institutions, as the provider offers some of the best deals during even the most complex transactions.

Merrill Datasite focuses on processes such as merger and acquisition processing, corporate development, investments as well as private equity and legal institution management. Overall, Datasite is a great solution for companies that need additional funding.

DataRoom Overview

DealRoom was founded in 2013, and although it was inferior in experience to its competitors, it is now one of the most widely used providers for project management and M&A processing.

Protecting valuable data and overall security issues for developers is a priority, providing clients with Fence View and encryption, the provider also offers out-of-the-box templates, integrations, and more. The provider also guarantees easy document uploading and organizing and friendly and responsive customer support.