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The meaning

CouchTuner is the website which can support your latest series and movies. This website is well arranged to deliver all latest series and movies online freely. By the way, there are similar features in some VPN services, you may look through a review here or other VPN Unlimited reviews. Moreover, you will get the schedules of the episodes in it without problems. The placement and design are user-friendly, unlike other streaming sites which focuses solely on the television shows and a bit tricky. For the Couch Tuner review, you will watch the programs from any browser or Kodi device as it provides a convenient way where you can watch the latest episodes.

There are many advantages that make CouchTuner be famous but also there are some disadvantages which make it unsatisfying to the users. Sometimes, bug fixing is the issue and some files may miss in between the movies or episodes that misguide what you are watching.

Picant things about CouchTuner

When using it you are required to be aware of safety risks. Mostly, this site host many pirated television shows if these video files which are played in the television are not checked the malware or viruses may clip in. There is also overwhelming pop-up ads together with other advertisements. Pop-up ads may contain the malicious code which can make your computer be infected with the virus even before you stream the video. By clicking to the pop-up, this can take you to the malicious website that might distribute malware to the computer.


Like many websites which offer illegal content, CouchTuner serves many countries which have no piracy laws. Actually, this increases the difficulty for owners of a pirated content to prosecute the owner of the website. On the occurrences where a website is being forced to close, another website is then created to replace. There have been different sites of CouchTuner hosted in various countries with non-existent or lenient anti-piracy laws. Presently, Couchtuner operates mainly from domains of the and