Fix YouTube Video Not Showing

How to fix YouTube Video Not Showing (Solved) ? On the computer ? YouTube App

They are many reasons why a YouTube video is not showing on your browser. You may experience an error that says ?YouTube video not available in your country?, in this case, your web browser may have an ad blocker or you may be using an outdated browser. Here are some fixes that have resolved the issue for several other users that have experienced this problem so, read on and try them?

Check your Internet connection

Poor internet connection may be the reason why your YouTube video is not showing. So make sure that your computer or smartphone has a working internet connection. Once you are certain that you have a good internet connection, re-launch your browser or YouTube app to see if this fixes the YouTube Video not showing the issue. If this doesn’t work, then try the next fix.

Update your Graphics Driver

Another reason why your YouTube video is not showing might be because of an outdated graphics driver. Update your device drivers manually by choosing a graphics driver that is compatible with your Operating system version. If you cannot find the newest version of graphics driver for your computer, update your drivers automatically.

Delete the App Data

Corrupted app data is another reason why a YouTube video is not playing. Try deleting your YouTube app data to see if the problem gets fixed. Once you have deleted your app data, restart your computer or app and play the YouTube video to see if it loads up fine.

Check to see if an extension is the cause of the YouTube Video not showing

Your browser extensions may be the reason why your video is not playing. It’s a good idea to check which extension may have caused the conflict with your YouTube player. You need to first disable all your extensions, including all other ad blockers you have. If this solves the issue, try re-enabling your extensions one after the other. Test your video after each extension is turned on until you find the extension that causes the video not to play. Uninstall that extension.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

If your video stops showing when you are in full-screen, then it is likely a YouTube bug. This bug has been a major issue for Google and they are still finding out a way to solve the bug issues. Turning off your hardware acceleration will fix the issue.

Update your YouTube App or Browser

If your YouTube app is out of date, it may be the reason why your video is not showing. Update your app from play store. The issue of YouTube video not showing may only happen in one specific browser, then you might want to update the browser to its latest version. A newer version of an app or browser is always designated to fix bugs and issues found in the earlier version. See if this fix resolves the problem.

Watch the Video without signing in or in an incognito window

Watching a video without signing in or in an incognito window has worked for many users. If the YouTube video is not available in your country, making use of an incognito mode will display the video without a fail.