Total AV vs Avast

In this review we are going to start from Avast Free Antivirus which is proven to be one of the most popular anti malware solution ever invented. So here is our compare of Total AV vs Avast

Avast Features

  • Antivirus. Detection and blocking of viruses, malicious software, phishing and spy programs and also programs – extortioners by means of intellectual analytics.
  • Analysis of behavior. Instant detection of suspicious behavior for protection against programs extortioners and threats of zero day.
  • CyberCapture. Isolation of unknown files for the analysis in a cloud and check of their safety.
  • Not Disturb mode. Blocking of notifications during the game, viewing of video and holding the presentations in the full-screen mode.
  • Web protection and protection against a phishing. Protection against the harmful websites, swindlers and prevention of transition to the counterfeit websites without installation of special expansion for the browser.
  • Protection of mail. Prevents hit of the infected letters in your mailbox on the computer, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, and also does not allow sending the infected letters from your account.

Avast External Protection 

  • Analysis of network. Automatic detection of weak points of your Wi-fi home network for protection it from malefactors.
  • Updating of programs. Installation of updates for other software which will save it from vulnerabilities and will improve productivity.
  • Password manager. Protection of all accounts one reliable password. You will be able to use the new passwords created by us for safe authorization.
  • Cleaning of the browser. Removal from the browser of the unnecessary toolbars, superstructures and other expansions.
  • Disk of fallback recovery. The backup copy for critical cases: Create a disk image of fallback recovery on CD or the USB drive that in case of impossibility of normal start you could reboot the infected computer with its help.

Total AV Antivirus

Total AV one of the best solutions ever designed to protect Windows computers and below you can find a full list of the most valuable features possessed by the software. .

This solution has always been at the top of the list when it comes to the online protection software to install on your PC and possesses a part of the best functions ensuring safety, absolutely free of charge.

Main opportunities of Total AV

It doesn’t take much time to install the antivirus and unlike the majority of other antiviruses here you can meet a very user-friendly interface with an intuitive navigation. On the technical side the antivirus provides 2 protection layers: 

  • PC Security tools

This one is used to provide your desktop computer with efficient tools to have a shield against the viruses, trojans and other malicious software that can harm your PC. 

  • Web protection and protection of e-mail

Blocking of all unsafe links, loadings or attachments of e-mail will allow you to use the Internet without fears for the safety.

That it is even better, every time when the user of Total AV meets unknown threat, the developer quickly study it and create means of counteraction which is sent to millions of users, providing to each of them reliable protection. At the same time you should not do anything.

Updates and new functions are sent automatically thanks to what you will always use only the latest software.

In case you need a solution that can provide you with a reliable and stable shield against all of those threats in the internet do no hesitate to consider the Total AV as an option when you are struggling to find an answer on a question which kind of solution fits you better.