Virtual data room solutions for corporate clients

The transition to the digital space for business has meant changes in many familiar aspects and increased demands on the market. Nowadays, companies must be as flexible and fast as possible because modern technologies can provide such an effect. Thanks to them, companies can collaborate more easily with corporate clients, exchanging data and messages and working remotely on a project. But if it’s simple in words, it’s hard to find software that provides businesses with enough security and tools to interact with corporate clients. Virtual Data Rooms, however, has provided a way out.

iDeals Virtual Data Room Solution

The iDeal’s Virtual Data Room is one of the most versatile, as it suits different industries and processes. Many companies use this solution to store, share and collaborate on documents. iDeals offers services for due diligence, legal operations, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and much more, which includes stakeholder engagement. For interactions with corporate clients to run smoothly, VDRs must first and foremost provide robust security, which is exactly what iDeal’s has done. Among its security benefits are:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Detailed access permissions
  • Dynamic watermark
  • Remote destruction
  • Fence view
  • Secure spreadsheet viewer

Regarding other features for enhanced enterprise customer interaction, iDeals combines management and collaboration features to provide users with easy document interaction and effective communication. To do this, VDR offers smart search and flexible tools to create a transparent folder system. There’s also a live discussion section and a question-and-answer section within VDR to make your collaborative work easier.

The Intralinks Virtual Data Room Solution

Intralinks is the ideal solution for smooth collaboration and quick access to documents during business transactions. Thanks to the valuable experience gained in the original form of the company, Intralinx was able to erase any clutter when working remotely together in the space. In addition, the VDR space can help handle the most complex transactions across industries and uses advanced security and collaboration technologies.

Key security features include:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Document expiration dates
  • Best security certifications -SOC2, CCAE 16, ISO 27001
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Permanent backup
  • Automatic virus scanning

The list of features for collaboration is also quite extensive, offering document annotation and commenting capabilities, integration with Zoom, a Q&A section, and separate repositories for each participant.

DealRoom Virtual Data Room Solution

DealRoom is one of the newer virtual data room solutions providers that started in 2012, while its competitors have been in the market since the early 2000s. Nevertheless, the solution has succeeded and is now considered one of the best project management tools. VDR offers its services to companies of all sizes and serves startups, private investors, banks, etc. To conduct a smooth collaboration and transaction process, DealRoom uses security features such as:

  • Detailed access control
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • User activity tracking
  • Data encryption
  • Permanent backup

As well as the best security certifications: ISO, SOC, GDPR, HIPAA, and others.

To increase the efficiency of collaboration with corporate clients, the vendor offers:

  • Opportunity to share messages directly in the secure platform
  • The ability to tag other users in comments and collaborative projects
  • Possibility to assign tasks
  • Creation of teams to work on projects
  • Automatic notifications so you won’t miss important events
  • View your last work in the toolbar