Data room Software: The best solution for Your Workforce and Companions

In this article, we will discuss the alternatives for the Data Rooms that are widely used to make the working process easy and safe.

Virtual Data Room for improving teamwork

Simple visualization, fast communication, and fruitful collaboration have become the cornerstones of success in our changeable environment. Today when so many people are in a digital environment and interact remotely, how can we achieve familiar physical experiences while keeping the methodology as simple as possible?

To solve this problem, every company is trying to find its own combination of task management, messaging, document sharing, and video conferencing services. In recent years, many teams have become increasingly interconnected, but not more productive.

Therefore, Software was created to unify all employees and services and get rid of disparate processes in a workflow. It is a simple platform that makes communication and visual collaboration fast and efficient.


Data Room is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • Secure upload, storage, and download of electronic documents;
  • Organization of joint work on the development of documents for a geographically distributed working group;
  • Providing controlled access to system users to confidential data;
  • Secure exchange of electronic documents with a counterparty;
  • Organization of discussion of uploaded documents by members of the working group.

VDR platforms. Overview of current solutions

The protection of information should to some extent be ensured by any data exchange system. This technology makes it possible to increase work efficiency and save time in everyday activities. Let’s consider the best solutions on the market:

  • With Dropbox, you can easily send large files to colleagues and friends, even if they don’t have an account.
  • Mega is a reliable tool for collaboration. It allows users to share content and view other people’s updates in real-time. Anyone who is not a Mega user can also receive files, but you must send them an encryption key to access them.
  • Vaulterix Virtual Data Room – allows you to securely store and provide access to employees and external users to company data, restrict the ability to work with documents only in the browser. 
  • The SecureDoc product line protects sensitive information on disk storage and workstations using an authentication method based on a password, hardware token, or biometric authentication.
  • SpiderOak is cloud storage with a high level of confidentiality. SpiderOak guarantees reliable data encryption for all its users.
  • Bitcasa is cloud storage that allows you to store an unlimited amount of your information. This means that the creators of the service are not unfamiliar with the solutions for backing up data online, and the means to ensure the security of the storage of user files.
  • 4shared – cloud file sharing hosting. Basic free registration allows you to download up to 10 GB to your account. After confirmation of registration by email, the volume increases to 15 GB.