How You Should Pick The Best Board meeting management software?

With the development of new technologies, boardroom services provide the ability to connect a large number of subscribers, using equipment of different levels and characteristics.

How to organize communication at a distance?

Video conferencing is a technology that allows people to see and hear each other, exchange data, and jointly process them in an interactive mode, using the capabilities of a computer familiar to everyone, making communication at a distance as close as possible to real live communication. The applications for video conferencing are enormous. Today, there is practically no area of life that does not use video conferencing. To set up a video connection, specialized software is designed. It is board meeting management software.

Boardrooms are used wherever efficiency is needed in analyzing the situation and making decisions, consulting a specialist or working together in remote access mode on projects and decisions, etc.

Benefits of using boardrooms

  • Strengthening relationships with partners and clients. During a video conference, you can see the facial expressions and body language of your interlocutor in real-time. These things are the most important aspects of communication that are lost during a regular telephone conversation. Video conferencing will provide more effective communication between company personnel and customers. Sales representatives can become much more productive because visual communication can better assess the customer’s prospects for the company. All of these will undoubtedly improve your business relationships with your best customers.
  • Multipoint conference capability. It often requires the presence of people from different cities and even countries for a joint discussion. Video conferencing allows you to do this. Participants can be located both in the same office and in different cities and even countries.
  • Save time and reduce travel costs. Cost savings are becoming an important part of today’s business. Travel expenses are often a large part of the company’s expenses. Of course, nothing can replace a personal meeting and the first handshake, but there are many cases when you can avoid significant costs on air tickets and hotel rooms, not to mention saving time.

The best options among boardrooms

  • Discord was once created as a free VoIP and video conferencing messenger for gamers. Now this service has become much more popular, even among the business audience. The great thing about Discord is that it’s free. The program, with a low load on the resources of the device, provides high sound quality, thanks to the use of the Opus audio codec. As the developers assure, the application is reliably protected from DDoS attacks, which adds confidence that the video conference will take place without problems.
  • Good old Skype, known to almost every Internet user for many years. Under the prefix “for business” there is an extended version, which has several fundamental differences. The maximum number of conference participants is 250. It is possible to make phone calls and share the screen. Of course, as a Microsoft product, modern Skype has full integration with Windows, and this operating system remains dominant in the corporate and business segment. 
  • MyOwnConference is a fairly popular service in the world, which is tailored for international video conferencing. For example, there is simultaneous support for 16 languages, and on an individual request, 5000 participants can connect to the conference. There is also a videoconference recording and a quick upload to YouTube. The developers say that the data servers are scattered all over the world, so there should be no connection problems.