Review of AVG: Ultimate Internet Security

While the AVG software now belongs to Avast, the company has decided to preserve the original antivirus as a separate program. Surely, it has had some changes including the interface and antivirus engine but, in general, it still stands alone. The changes were added purely to improve the quality of performance and protection. Now, AVG Ultimate Internet Security is a good choice for all kinds of users. Let’s take a closer look at the review of AVG and discover the main pros and cons.

Top 7 advantages that make it a good antivirus solution

  1. A powerful and user-friendly interface make it a suitable choice for beginners and more advanced users. It’s very easy to navigate the program and access features, scans, etc. The main window contains 5 modules: Computer, Web & Email, Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments. Using them, a user may get fast access to the related features. The screen also has a Scan button.
  2. The simplicity is not the only strong side. AVG Ultimate Internet Security is very lightweight. It doesn’t take much space and needs less than a minute to unpack and install. The installation process is very convenient and allows making some adjustments based on a user’s preferences. However, one can go with the automatic settings and adjust the program later using the settings.
  3. AVG offers software perfect for beginners, inexperienced, and average users. It’s simple, convenient, and eliminates any complicated features. The program does almost everything on its own providing good antivirus protection.
  4. AVG is a very affordable solution. Firstly, users may enjoy the free edition without spending money at all. Premium versions also have a nice price tag. It seems especially good since it covers all the household devices with one license.
  5. This program has plenty of extras to offer. The abundance of features even in the free edition makes it extremely appealing. It brings download monitoring, email safety, malware protection, ransomware protection, a safe browser, etc. The latter, by the way, reminds of Google Chrome but has extra security tools. They include a password manager, privacy cleaner, ad blocker, etc. When a user upgrades to a premium option, the bundle will also include webcam protection, a personal firewall, file encryption tool, and other utilities to deliver excellent Internet security.
  6. AVG Ultimate Internet Security can cover an unlimited number of devices with one subscription. Since it supports different operating systems, the antivirus will protect all computers, laptops, and tablets in your family.
  7. The support team is available 24/7. One can solve most issues and get answers to the related questions in no time. Customer support offers a live chat or phone assistance. On the other hand, there is also a huge knowledge base with helpful articles. A user may get premium support for $200 per year.

The Weakness of AVG Antivirus

While the software stands out offering lots of features and affordable prices, one shouldn’t neglect the fact that it failed to score excellent results in the independent testing labs. According to the results of the tests, the program misses some threats. It detects about 98% of malware and viruses. However, the company should pay attention to the other 2% and find a way to solve the issue.

Bottom Line

AVG is a good antivirus program taking into account all these advantages. It offers a lot and comes with a budget-friendly price tag. The abundance of features makes it alluring, especially if a person looks for a free version. Yet, this program has one weakness. It misses some threats just like many other antivirus solutions do.