How to Open a Company in Europe?

Politically and economically stable Switzerland is an alluring place for entrepreneurs. This country has many possibilities and laws that let anyone start a company. The process is very simple and relatively fast. Let’s get to know how to open a company in Switzerland as well as more about the peculiarities and differences.

A brief overview – How to Open Company?

Regardless of the nationality, one may launch a business in Switzerland as soon as the investors acquire the initial capital. Nevertheless, remember that a foreign investor requires a residence permit.

Interestingly enough, the process doesn’t even require the founder’s presence in the region. He may manage every step via Swiss lawyers.

When you decide to open a corporation, you’ll need CHF 100 000 and about a month. Smaller companies have smaller requirements for initial capital.

The perks of launching a business here

Firstly, Switzerland has a liberal labor market and tax system. Aside from that, a country is politically stable meaning your business has bigger chances for success. Both strong economy and currency attract lots of investors and businessmen, too. Finally, Switzerland is an important financial center with efficient infrastructure and management.

What kind of company may a person launch in Switzerland?

A businessman may launch any type of company within the law parameters. The widespread solutions are the LLC and the public limited company. However, you may pick other options:

  • A sole trader allows a single man to work on his name. It requires a Swiss residency;
  • A General partnership requires two or more partners who could be foreigners but with the residency;
  • A limited partnership differs from the general one by having one or more partners with limited liability;
  • Subsidiary allows foreign companies to expand in Switzerland;
  • A branch office may belong to a foreign country and depend on the business structure.

How to launch a company in Switzerland?

Before you begin, you should conduct a small research. It’ll verify the product or service is in demand. It’s also reasonable to learn more about the competition in the industry. The initial research of the local market will let you know if your company withstands the conditions.
Main company formation partners:

Then you register a company name. To do it properly, follow the company name registration laws of Switzerland. Then submit the form to the Switzerland Company Registry for approval.

Now, it’s time to pick the business structure. Choose one of these solutions:

  1. Register a Swiss business;
  2. Open a certain company type;
  3. Register a Swiss partnership;
  4. Open a Swiss corporation;
  5. Open a Swiss LLC.
    Check Full Guide Swiss Company Formation – ask advices from specialists.

Finally, you need to register the business and taxation. The latter depends on the business entity and activity.

All in all, the registration process for a Swiss company resembles the procedures in other countries. One needs to be a resident or acquire residency, gather enough initial capital, and fill out all the forms. It’s rather easy and fast but requires following all the laws. So, hire a good lawyer to help you with all the paperwork.

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