Voice Over IP

All businesses always focus on their customers to give the best solutions on the market. At the same time, many companies and individual entrepreneurs face the issue of the expense of different products essential for their business functioning. One such issue is communication, both internal and external. Here is when VoIP comes into action. VoIP or voice over IP is a method of voice and multimedia content transmission via Internet Protocol networks. It allows making calls over a network where the Internet connection is present. Moreover, VoIP providers offer features that are perfect for your daily routines.


1-VoIP started as a telecom company in Edmond, Oklahoma. The transition to VoIP started in 2005. The company was able to build a solid reputation for the best provider of VoIP services on the market. With 40 successful years of experience, they managed to develop several essential plans for high-quality services with reliable technical and customer support. Moreover, they include SIP trunking for business owners, which is a huge benefit. VoIP plans are different following needed features, tariffs, business tools, and users’ residences. The prices are quite appealing as for those who already established their enterprise and those who only begin. At the same time, 1-VoIP offers phones and adapters, everything for one’s convenience. You can find a unique feature of Nomorobo, which disables telemarketers and robocalls. If choosing business systems, you get a monthly subscription for 40+ features, phone included in the plan (only Professional option), and high quality of services. For starters, you begin with a Metered plan that will cost you $14.97/month per extension, Corporate, 19.97/month, and Professional $29.97/month. All pricing plans are reasonable, as they all need no commitment, contract, or cancellation fee. This plan offers you total control of voicemails, hours of operation, call forwards, and queues, which is essential for successful businesses. SIP trunking is yet another story worthy of mentioning. It includes three plans, US & Canada Number for $4.95/month per number, SIP trunking minute bundle, $ 25.00/month, and toll-free number, for $5.95/month with appealing tariffs for calling both for US and Canada. As 1-VoIP states, these plans offer you a new level of SIP services when unmatching service uptime, being revolutionary ones in the industry. At the same time, you can have an unlimited amount of simultaneous calls.


Right from Scottsdale, Arizona, Nextiva is a VoIP company that focuses on cloud-based communication for over roughly 150.000 businesses. Starting in 2008, the company works on the best solutions for small and large businesses. Nextiva takes another step in implementing successful customer support and technical advantages. Moreover, the company is very thoughtful about CRM, analytics, SIP trunking, and call center services. Nextiva is simple in their approach and plans to offer, yet it doesn’t mean useless or boring. A basic plan will cost you $30/month per user for 1-4 lines. It includes free number porting, local or toll-free number, unlimited calling, auto-attendant, hold music, and free online faxing features. Pro plan will cost you $33/month, and include before-mentioned features and text messaging/SMS, Nextiva app, recorded greeting, and unlimited conference calls. Enterprise plan will cost $45/month and include call recording, voicemail to text delivery, voice analytics, Sales CRM, Service CRM, Life Chat, and Survey features for your convenience. Nextiva takes zero outside funding from investors and bootstrapped millions into platform and service development. What makes Nextiva plans so appealing is the possibility to switch any time without any charges or fees, via reaching your Client Success Manager or contacting the Support Team. At the same time, the company allows you to pay with a credit or debit card, or switch to eCheck (via ACH) for completing initial payment. You also can choose between monthly and annual fees. If you want to implement something new to your office workflow, you can try the company’s Team Collaboration Suite for 20 dollars. Yet, the project is on the BETA stage, which doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy new products and offers while being new in all this environment.


Vonage is a communication provider based in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, operating since 2001. The company has offices all over the US, Asia, and Europe. They serve the global market and provide solutions regardless of your residency state. Vonage’s integrated cloud communications platform is the best option to combine messaging, chats, social media, video, and voice in one tool. Vonage offers month-to-month contracts that are the perfect solution for customers who switch from traditional phone services. The company has a large Support Team that can assist at any time they need help The company offers solutions for small and mid businesses as well as enterprises with 40+ standard features in each pack. You can find a perfect solution for education, accounting, financing, healthcare, insurance, and many other institutions at a small expense. The mobile plan will cost you $17.99/month per line, including taxes and fees, $27.99/month for Premium, and $37.99/month for Advanced. It will depend on your goals and needs, which plan is more suitable for your business. Especially when you always can add more features to an already extended package. At the same time, although Vonage doesn’t lease phone systems, they offer appropriate pricing for reliable and high-quality products (both phones and accessories) that will serve you well for decades. Additionally, the biggest benefit of Vonage is a referral program that allows you to enter the competitive market on the best options. What else do you need, then flexible contracts, a perfect range of features and tools, and potential growth.


Ringcentral is a cloud-hosted digital phone system provider based in Belmont, CA, founded in 1999. Ringcentral allows users to access secure voice, fax, text, online meetings, and audio conferencing. The company has a smartphone app and quite an inclusive variety of mediums where you can use VoIP technology. Indeed, the demo solution allows you to try out the most popular features of cloud phone, meetings, messaging, and analytics. Ringcentral offers a free trial for trying out how does it feel to be efficient without making too much effort. It is perfect for newcomers who face VoIP services for the first time. Ringcentral has four plans, all with free trials and shared features of unlimited phone calls within the US and Canada. When paying annually, you will save for 33%. The Essentials plan will cost you $19.99/month per user with a toll-free or local number, 100 toll-free minutes/month, and function of voicemail-to-text. The Standard plan will cost $24.99/month, which includes unlimited audio meetings, unlimited video conferencing, and unlimited internet fax. The Premium plan, which is the most popular, will cost you $34.99/month 2.500 toll-free minutes/month, unlimited video conferencing for up to 100 people per meeting, and automatic call recording. Ultimate plan $49.99/month includes 200 people per meeting for unlimited video conferencing, and 10.000 toll-free minutes/month. Additionally, you can connect extra toll-free number or local number for $4.99, additional vanity number $30, one-time fee, extra international number starting at $5.99, and internal toll-free $14.99 for a month and $25 for one time. At the same time, the services are provided across 80+ countries.


8×8 is a San Jose, California based cloud communications systems provider for businesses of all sizes and varieties. Founded in 1987, 8×8 ever since strives to develop innovative solutions for making work simple and more reliable. The company provides its services in different industries, including insurance, transportation, education, healthcare, and many more. The most prominent products of 8×8 are Virtual Offices (cloud-based VoIP phone service), Virtual Office Pro (includes online fax, call recording, and web conferencing), and Virtual Contact Center (cloud-based contact center product). Unified Communications suite integrates 8×8’s phone service, virtual meetings, video conferencing, and many more. X-Serves exist to assist small and medium businesses, with a starting pack Express for $12/month. X Series X2 will cost you $25/month, X4 $25/month, and X6 $119/month. These packages offer more advanced features as you progress with the plan, and all of them are virtually perfect for beginners and those who have built a professional environment. 8×8 presents a groundbreaking approach to their services, all you need is to order a suitable plan, and they will take care of it. Each (except Express) service plan consists of Compliance and Certifications, enterprise-grade security, analytics, and contact center reporting. X series X2 provides coverage of 14 countries, while X4&X6 47 countries. At the same time, you can choose new equipment for your from deck phones to accessories like sidecars and webcams. 8×8 offers technical support, as the company’s integrated phone, email, and capabilities provide extra cost-effective methods to assist your customers. Intelligent and flexible routing parameters will connect people to the right person who will help them accordingly.


Founded in 2006, Utah, Jive is a VoIP communication system that brings fresh perspectives and solutions for any business. The company joined the LogMein family in 2018, after achieving the high praise and recognition for their innovative technologies, intuitive and user-friendly experience, and award-winning and high-quality customer support. They offer solutions for companies around the globe, improving customer experience daily. The company promises advanced features like auto attendants, custom greetings, video conferencing, and voicemail for the competitive price and convenient cost of ownership. The products don’t need any previous setup, ready to call and work their best in a few minutes. You get total control over your calls and most timely responses, connect groups of ten people for a conference, or listen to messages using smartphones, and collaborate remotely. What makes Jive so attractive is system integration with the most prominent platform, like iOS or SalesForce. Pricing ranges from $19.95 – $29.95 for 1-99 users. Jive Tier 3 will cost you $23.95 for 10-24 users, and the more people involved, the cheaper it will be for you. At the same time, you will be able to access your call, caller alert, phone number activity, and activity report any time. You are always backed up by a 24/7 support team that can help you with any appearing issue. Jive is a solution for those who like to collaborate with those who are passionate about their vocation.


Dialpad is a San Francisco cloud phone system company founded in 2011. Their major focus is business Internet phone solutions for desktop and mobile apps. There is a special offer for startups, accessible on all devices, with 3 essential features on a virtual phone system. As well, there is native integration with Suite, Salesforce, and Zendesk, and convenience that allows you to work anywhere. Business Phone System offers you the essential integration of all apps relevant to the best productivity. This pack offers you quick deployment and easy installation. You also can transfer your business phone number from the previous provider to the new Dialpad account without any extra charge. The prominent feature of Business Phone System is Voice Intelligence, built-in machine learning that employs voice recognition and language processing for recommending post-call notes and transcripts in real-time. Standard Plan will cost you $20/month per user with a 14-day trial and unlimited coverage in the US and Canada. Pro plan will cost $30/month per user, also including a free 14-day trial and extended list of opportunities like international numbers, salesforce integration, and phone support. The enterprise plan is rather something that Dialpad decided to manage when users reach them. Additionally, Diaplpad supports faxing, with each month’s balance of 100 pages (outbound and inbound) before incurring any extra fees if you exceeded limits ($0.10 per page). Dialpad accepts all major credit cards and supports month-to-month payment. In the case of invoice necessity, you always can reach their Sales Team for further help. You can choose by annual plan or continue using standard monthly payment, as the company understands the needs of its users and offers this flexibility.


PanTerra Networks is a Unified Cloud Service Provider founded in 2001, based in California. They are the leaders of their specific segment of the cloud-hosted VoIP market, delivering IT solutions for mobility, and business productivity. At the same time, PanTerra Networks try to create a new perspective on the global market. PanTerra Networks provide their services to large enterprises and medium-sized businesses. PanTerra Networks allows newcomers to learn the best option through comprehensive guides and options via their website. You look, for instance, the best solution for the call center, then you choose Streams. No worries, the company offers a free trial for your convenience. PanTerra Networks have four service plans. Business basics will cost you $19.95/month and include unlimited outbound calls, 2 GB storage for SmartBox feature, applications for your smartphones, and call recording feature. Business Plus will start at $24.95/month have more exciting and helpful features, for example, auto attendants, Skype for business, screen share, and ACE Operator Console. The professional pack will cost you $34.95/month and offer CRM integration and supervisory mode. We mentioned before the Call Center plan, and it presents the extended and ultimate pack starting at $64.95/month, which will include lifetime analytics, detailed reporting, and AppDesigner feature, everything for your convenience and even more. Additionally, you are always supported by a team of professionals who are ready to find the best resolution on your matter.


VoIPLy is a company that started in Pittsburg, PA, in 2012. It offers easy and comprehensible phone solutions for business development and success, working with more than five thousand companies. As fresh blood on the market, VoIPLy offers only Business Pro plan for $15/month, with unlimited calls in the US, auto-attendants, smart IVR, surveys, analytics, and many other great features. What is important, VoIPLy offers anti-spam filters that allow you to secure your connections and avoid unwanted newsletters or intrusions from third parties. VoIPLy includes: -toll-free and land phone numbers, -call center queue and notifications for missed calls, -email to fax function, -video conferencing and online meetings, recognizing, screening, and a possibility to review and analyze the data for the future. Overall, VoIPLy saves you over 50% of expenses as soon as you switch from traditional phone lines. Additionally, it is more than convenient to connect and integrate all necessary apps for your business while being able to take VoIPLy anywhere as it is not attached to any place but conveniently linked to the device of your choice. The benefit of VoIPLy is a Team of professionals who will assist you any time with any issue and provide the best resolution. You always can rely on a quick response via email, live chat, or phone.


OnSIP is a real-time communications solution that works with the most famous names out there on the market. The company was founded in 2005 in NYC, as a small start-up project who wanted to develop the best IP solution to change the future of the business world. With OnSIP, you can easily integrate all necessary Apps for the most convenient work after creating an account, adding necessary members, testing the system via smartphone or desktop, and then setting phone numbers and features you need the most. There are two plans, Basic for $49.95/month per account + 2.9ยข per minute and Unlimited for $18.95 monthly per person. If comparing them, they differ with the range of features that would come in a Basic pack with additional cost. For instance, ring groups are unlimited for the respective pack but would include 3 included ($14.95 each additional). The extra features like the Extended calling area, inbound toll-free, E911, phone numbers, and others also would come with an additional fee. There is also the possibility to try out trial versions before making an informed decision. You can use OnSIP via desk phone, desk phone, and softphone applications, or softphone applications only. OnSIP is easy to setup and manage, as we mentioned before, with a guarantee that if you need help, you will get it in the most suitable way possible. OnSIP has the most efficient and professional team that would happily answer and guide you through all the processes you need to know. Customer Service can be reached via toll-free numbers or online form. On the other hand, the section with materials and articles about service comes as a perfect pro for the company.


ClarityTel started in 2003 in Georgia as an IT company that transformed into the favorite leader of the VoIP providers market. This company pays a lot of attention to small businesses and helps them to grow better with high-quality solutions at a low fee. ClarityTel focuses on providing services in key areas of interests: voice, fact, or advanced IP solutions that can be customized with unique features for your specific purposes and needs. With ClarityTel, you are saving up to 60% of expenses you were charged using traditional phone lines. ClarityTel allows users to choose a month-to-month payment option without any obligations or restrictions. You can cancel your subscription without being forced to pay fees. There are several price plans that ClarityTel offers its customers, depending on the number of lines used, Up to 9 lines $24.99 month/line, 10-24 lines $21.99 a month/line, 25-50 lines $19.99 per month/line, SIP Trunks (minimum 4 Trunks) $19.99 per month per trunk. The company also provides you with VoIP phones with affordable pricing and high quality. The company is recognized for its high rate of uptime, 99.99%, and other prominent and essential features that would change your experience for better. With the low price, you get a webphone, softphone, voicemail box, conference calling, call waiting, and recording. Additionally, you are getting a local number plus local portability and an unlimited number of calls. Customer support of ClarityTel is something that takes support on another level, with a personalized approach and attentiveness to your case. You always can reach Team via email, live chat, or call 24/7.


MightyCall is a web-based PBX platform that is working with small businesses. The company tops charts for cloud-based phone systems ever since they were founded in 1999 in Palo Alto. Among many essential features, MightyCall offers vanity numbers, visual call flow configuration, call forwarding to any device, call history, queue and recording, visual voicemail, black-list call routing, and many other great features. Additionally, there are features for customer support, , dial-by-name, music on hold, custom greeting, and auto attendant. MightyCall is preoccupied with Team progress and efficiency, where features like unlimited extensions and conference calls are at a peak as well. The product is available for Android and iOS platforms, which makes your experience portable. The company offers three service plans that target different needs and sizes of businesses. The Basic plan will cost $19.99/month, with the feature of two toll-free or local numbers with 1.000 minutes, unlimited users, and contact book for ten customers. Standard plan will cost you $39.99, for five toll-free or local numbers, unlimited minutes per month, and unlimited contact book for users and customers call recording, desk phones, softphones, and voice to text feature. Ultimate pack offers ten toll-free numbers, unlimited minutes, users, and contact book as well as presence indication, API, and call recording features. You can either book a live demo or access a free trial before considering buying a product. MightyCall doesn’t need hardware or tiresome installment process, without any necessity for long term contracts and extra charge if you decided to end your cooperation. MightyCall also provides high professional technical and customer support.

The Top VoIP Solutions, Compared Instantly

In modern times it is hard to tell to whom you can trust your business without a second thought. There are a variety of companies and services that seem to be just perfect for you. Of course, these companies would convince you to consider them in the first place, but you have to do your homework and make an informed decision, since choosing a solution for your business is a pivotal moment. Dozens, if not hundreds of companies are transparent and reliable providers, but who is a perfect match for you? First and foremost, we offer quick reviews and profound analysis of the providers that offer the services you are looking for. Either it is home or business phone service, we have investigated them all, just for you to feel comfortable when making a deal. We collected only to-rated providers of VoIP services here at VoipReview.org, the best of the best, with prices, calling rates, and prices for you to compare. Get ready, and don’t hesitate to look more into details. We use a convenient system of tables that enable you to see what exactly makes these service providers unique, what is the major difference between them, and what they have in common. Not only do we make our analysis, but we listen to service users when deciding who is winning the race for your attention. At the same time, you are the one who can contribute if you want, and leave a review that would be helpful for other users. Share your thoughts and read other’s opinions, the most trustworthy reviews out there. Also, you always can find all necessary information in the “Details” section for each provider without having to go anywhere else.

New Phones, New Service, Or Both? VoipReview Has The Answers

The popularity of VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is explained by reduced costs for services, better quality, and multi-functionality of one simple plan that you are buying (often without any tiresome contracts and unclear propositions). All you need for VoIP successful usage is stable internet connection as a substitution of the traditional phone line. It is nothing like traditional telephone system as it transforms your phone call into digital data and then transfers it to your broadband connection for managing the call. Among many other benefits of using VoIP (no more low-quality calls or breaches), you always get an extra package of features essential to make the best impression to your customers and partners. VoIP is a solution of the 21 century, as nowadays you need not only calls, but analytics and data gathering for understanding what your customers and partners need. What makes VoIP great solution is wide array of options where the technology can be a must have: from education and healthcare to transportation and insurance companies and institutions. There are hardly any limits for those who considered VoIP as their choice. The best providers offer International connections and worldwide coverage, which makes you more approachable for customers all around the globe. Nowadays, VoIP providers make everything possible to make their users’ experience convenient, easy, and affordable, with great technological and customer support, without any extra charge for it. Top-notch professionals of their business, VoIP providers assist and help their customers to feel confident in what they are doing. At some point, some companies even provide training and other additional services, so you can grow and become better with them, which would be a part of your journey and experience. You get everything and more for the lowest prices and highest quality of services, which is hard to compare to traditional phone services.

Residential, Business, or Enterprise: Which VoIP Solution Is Right For You?

Of course, it will depend, what is your start and what you hope to achieve. No worries, VoIP will change everything for you for the best, you only have to consult with the company representatives and they will give you the most appropriate answer. Residential solutions are always the best pick for those who are tired of phone bills and a bit outdated way of communication. The great variety of VoIP features will forever change your home phone experience. Often the prices are more than affordable for those who want to improve the quality of their calls or use the extended set of features that include call forwarding, auto-answer, call screening, and other features that come at no additional cost. Business solutions are always divided into small and medium picks, all for the convenience of the owners. You would never feel yourself small, even if your company is young and lacks experience. At your service, there will be 40+ features that come in a package of your choice, and some companies even offer a free trial without any strings attached. You are not obliged to pay year bill beforehand, but an acceptable amount every month, which is standard for many VoIP providers. Enterprise solutions are playing big, for large companies, with the expressive options and features to manage all that chaos into something greater. Over 40 extensions, features, and additional services that make your experience nothing but comfort with the prices that won’t be cumbersome for your enterprise. You can easily compare top picks of PBX providers and connect your VoIP PBX with SIP, which would result in nothing but benefit. Why waiting but trying the services that will work in favor of your business.

Contract vs No Contract Plans: Which Is Best?

Of course, we are used to the idea that contracts are the best proof of our cooperation with someone. However, it is not always advantageous to settle partnership with the provider, and monthly payment options are more convenient and assume you can always terminate. The price would differ drastically between the provider who offers annual subscription and the one that allows users to pay month-to-month fees. Most often, of course, companies are looking forward to cooperating with their users and provide them with the best solution based on their needs. Big-name providers like Vonage and Jive offer month-to-month plans while service providers like Broadvoice have both yearly contract and metered plan options. At the same time, the price would depend on the number of extensions and features you require. Simultaneously, such factors as equipment, terms, and extensions also impact the nature of your future agreement or lack thereof. If you previously used VoIP services and switched to another provider will eliminate the question of equipment, but not the question of enabling new VoIP service. It can provide you with additional months of negotiating your future cooperation with the company. Usually, although saving the stability of the price, contacts don’t allow flexibility or leaving services without any fees or charges. Therefore, even though contact is your guarantee for long-lasting relationships with the company, they are more than other options restricting you and obliging you to stick to a plan that could have changed. Investigation on plans and opportunities beforehand can save you time and reduce the stress associated with tiresome negotiations.

Looking for Free Big Business Features? Get Them With VoIP

Indeed, everything comes with a price nowadays. When you are turning to a company for a certain type of service, you already know that you should be ready to pay those bills and receive your product in return. However, what makes VoIP standing out the vast majority of the cases is the possibility to get a lot of features and extensions with no price, as they are a part of the plan. Traditional phone providers try to incorporate this practice, but due to technical reasons, it is impossible. VoIP packages come with features that are not extra charged. While some of them are essential for the successful functioning of the system, some present countless opportunities. You can get voicemail to email, caller ID, call forwarding, E911, 3-way calling, call blocking, and many more great features by not paying even a penny for them. VoIP companies make their best to create a product that will distinguish itself with both functionality, high quality, and low fee imposed on the user. These features are free as they are integrated into the existing platforms and offered services, event though still, some advanced features can come at a small price. However, sometimes, it is even unnoticeable as they come in bundles or arranged a package. For instance, some of the providers allow you to experience an exclusive platform where you can notice every call and count every minute, while integrated AI would assist you with creating appropriate statistics. Check our lists to make an informed decision about the new horizons that lie before you.

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We create a space where professionals and end-users can share their experience and create a comprehensive comparison of existing VoIP providers, so you won’t be lost in a world of growing IP technologies. VoipReview.org proves that years of experience and transparency enable our users to make the best-informed decision based on facts and analytics. We collaborate with the most prominent providers who trust us for the most objective and precise reviews of their products. You can get a special offer if coming from our links and therefore proving that VoipReviews and contributors are on the right path of improving the services for the customers. Why VoipReview? All relevant, updated, reliable, and unbiased information can be found on our website in the form of comprehensive tables and sufficient descriptions – all to ease your time of learning about the offers. Moreover, we try to create educational materials that will make you a real expert in this area. Information about features, the comparative analysis of pros and cons, benefits, and more on VoIP as a phenomenon you can find here. At the same time, we prepared a special saving tool that will boost your time choosing the right VoIP provider and plan. You can be sure that your picks combined with our reviews will result in the best experience for you and your business. You are most welcome to try every single option we can propose to you today, without having to worry later on.